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Camping Trip-Make Your Next Family Camping Trip Better

Camping Trip tips:

Memorial Day marks the traditional start of the camping season, for many families across the country. Having dusted-off the camping gear and gotten through the first trip of the season, now is a great time to assess your family’s experience and think about how to improve your next outing.


Your may not have noticed a lot of changes, since Labor Day, but the first time your kids try to squeeze into their sleeping bags it might become evident that they have grown quite a bit, over the winter! Multiply that by all of the outdoor clothing they were wearing last fall and, suddenly, you might find yourself with a few unexpected camping expenses.


Our girls are acting more like teenagers every day and, even though they are still only nine, it takes a lot more creativity to keep them interested and engaged on a camping trip, then it did last year. Up to now, our camping trips have been all about family time together, but it appears that we’ll be including some of their friends on our trips, this summer.
Thankfully, our tent is large enough to accommodate another kid, or two, but if you have been getting by with a three or four person tent, it might be time to evaluate other options. Of course, our kids have floated the idea of having their own tent, but I don’t think I’m ready for that, just yet.
Including friends isn’t the only way to keep your kids engaged in the camping experience. They likely have some new-found interests that they have developed over the winter. Maybe it’s photography, art or animals – there are a lot of kid-friendly activities that are enhanced by the outdoor experience. The upshot of all this new-found enthusiasm is that you probably now have some toys and games that were part of your camping ensemble last year, and can now be donated to another family.


Hopefully your Memorial Day camping experience was a dry one but, if not, then you might have been surprised by some small leaks in your previously waterproof tent. Even if you didn’t get wet this past weekend, it’s good to be prepared for next time – so take advantage of this little reminder to go over your tent with a quality seam sealer and maybe even a waterproof restoration product. Some of these products can take six to eight hours to cure, so be sure to budget plenty of time for this.


With the first family camping trip of the season under your belts, now is the time to start making plans for your next adventure! Take some time to figure out what went right and what went wrong, and adjust your plans accordingly. Don’t be afraid to try something new, like the beach or the mountains – maybe even camping in a national forest, away from any established campground. Whatever you decide, be sure to make the most of your summer camping experiences and have fun!
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Your Starting Spot For Everything Camping

Beyond The Tent was started in 2013 as a family camping blog but has slowly morphed into a complete camping resource for family campers, backpackers, solo campers and much more.

My goal is to provide you not only with helpful resources to improve your camping but to inspire you to get outdoors and enjoy the nature, friendships and family experienced with camping.

Hopefully, you will find great ideas, help making the right purchases and most of all, get inspired to get back outdoors!

Download My Free Family Camping Guide

At some time or another, we were all new to camping. At this point, we need to start with the basics. Where should I go and what should I bring are two of the main questions we get here. You’ll also what to know what to expect as

well as tips on how to best enjoy your time camping. The answers to these questions and much more can be found in my free Family Camping Guide E-Book.

This guide will help you plan your first trip, give you checklists of what to bring, how to keep yourself and kids safe and much more. Check out the download page for more info and to get the book!

The family camping guide can be downloaded as either a pdf or epub. The pdf is perfect for reading on computers, printing and can be easily read on all devices. The epub version is perfect for phones and tablets.

Our Best Resources

These are some of the best and most complete guides you’ll find on Beyond The Tent. From camping food, camping survival and even guides to camping in national parks.

Camping In The Rain-Everything You Need to Know To Stay Dry

The Beginners Guide To Canoe and Kayak Camping

Guide To Portable Camping Power

How To Create The Ultimate Camping Survival Kit

Everything You Need To Know About Hammock Camping

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Family Camping Blogs You Should Follow

I have enjoyed camping with my family for the past 10 years and it has been a ton of fun sharing our adventures with you. Starting the camping blog was a great idea and we plan on continuing the site. We have a list of ideas we will be putting into place in the coming year. A blog can be a great tool for planning trips, get useful

tips, read reviews and you might come to truly like the people behind the site. At least I hope you like us! Not only do I run a few website, but I also spend time following other blogs on a variety of subjects. I thought if you follow us, you might like other family camping blogs, too. Here is a list of five family camping blogs you

should follow.

1. Adventure Parents

When I started the camping blog I went through looking to see if there was already a Minnesota family camping blog. In my search I came across the Adventure Parentswebsite. I like the clean layout of their site and they keep current with their articles enough to the point of keeping me interested. The photos are large, crisp and

I like that they don’t try to make all the photos look staged. Great information with a touch of personal family camping included.

2. Griffis Family Outdoors

Speaking of photos, the Griffis Family Outdoors camping blog is very photo heavy. They have been blogging about their trips since 2006! That’s a lot of material you can read through. I find myself longing for mountains when I go through their articles.

3. Outdoors Geek

The Outdoors Geek blog is unique in the way that they share great camping and hiking articles, yet they run a store online, too. That’s not all… they allow you to RENT gear before you buy it from them. I have never heard of a site running a rental option until I stumbled upon Outdoors Geek. Pretty cool, right?!

4. RV Crazy?!

I had a blogging friend who introduced me to RV Crazy?! (love the name). What I have enjoyed most about following their family trips is how relatable they are with the reader. The site is designed to give you reviews of the places they travel to in their RV, they share recipes and they even have a special spot devoted to “Winnie”

the Winnebago. You should go check them out!

5. Beyond The Tent

If you don’t follow Beyond The Tent, you should. We are currently going through the site and designing areas that will give you more useful resources to make your family camping vacations more memorable, plus easier to plan. We have tons of fun outdoors with our five kids and we all really like having a camping blog. Our

goal is to provide you with ideas that will get you and your family thinking outside of the normal camping box. It can be so much fun camping with a stick and hot dog, but how much more fun is it to bring a paddle board or sleep in a hammock?! We want to give you information to make something that will give your family life

long memories.

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Family Camping: Our Top Tips For Camping With Kids

Planning a forest getaway for the whole family? How exciting!We know taking the kids camping can throw up new challenges. Maybe this is your first time camping with the kids and you’re on the lookout for preparation advice. Perhaps this isn’t your first camping trip with youngsters and

you’re used to the surprises camping with kids can create.

The great thing about camping is that you’re in the outdoors with plenty of space for little explorers. We’re here with this month’s blog post to share our top tips for eliminating child related camping stress.

Before you go/your first camping trip

first trip camping start

If it’s going to be your first time camping with the whole family, doing a test run isn’t a bad idea. Try camping in your back garden for a night or, if you’re near one of our campsites, try a 3 night trip before a longer stay. This practice

run will give you an idea of any items you’re likely to forget and any situations which may arise on a longer camping trip. It’s also a great way to introduce children to a camping environment to gauge a reaction before you head off

for a longer trip. The idea is that you’ll be near enough to home that you can pack up and go back to your safe haven if needed.

Calming the car journey

Calming car journey

Very quickly, kids can get bored of watching fields and road signs slip by. Here are a few game ideas to keep the kids (and yourselves) entertained until you reach your destination.

We’re fond of a ‘family story’, in which one person kick-starts a narrative by saying the first line, then you get the rest of the family involved too! Each person takes turns to continue the tale, only ending when you agree it can’t get

any better. Kids’ imaginations will make you laugh if they’re given enough of a prompt, making for some hilarious scenarios as you motor on.

Obviously, car standards like 20 Questions or I Spy can save the day, but there’s no harm in doing something a little more creative. Try the drawing game – fold a piece of paper into thirds or quarters, and have each passenger

(minus the driver!) sketch part of a figure: the head, body, legs and feet without peeking at the previous body parts. You’ll get some real mixed characters.

“We all went shopping” is a classic and really gets little minds working hard. Select a person to go first, they’ll say the phrase “I went shopping and bought a …”. The second person then repeats the first persons phrase and adds their

own item. It goes on like this until everyone forgets who bought what. The last person still going wins.

We guarantee you’ll hear “Are we nearly there yet?” a lot less from the back seats when playing some of these in-car games.

Staying warm and dry

warm dry outside camping

Catering for your children’s sense of security should be your number one priority when arriving on site after a long drive.

Make sure everyone in your camping group knows where the nearest facility block is when you arrive; our campsite managers will point this out to you on your way in. After everyone’s stretched their legs and had a little look

around, it’s time to set up. You’ll find our camping checklist here; it’s a great overview of the essentials.

Here are a few extra items to take when camping with kids:

A favourite blanket, cuddly toy or pillow can go a long way to making a tent or caravan feel like home.

A torch each is a good idea, not only are they great to make shadow puppets with, they’re also great to have on hand for late night trips to the loo and provide a bit of comfort in a dark tent.

Rain and bored children can make for muddy situations. Take waterproofs, plenty of plastic bags for wet items and put a “no shoes in the tent” rule in place.

Take a toy tub- any box will do. Tell the kids they can only take as many toys as they can fit into the box. This not only saves on packing space but also means you’ll have somewhere to store all of the toys in your camping unit.

Antibacterial wipes and kitchen roll will come in handy countless times.

Blankets, blankets and more blankets. Tents can get really cold once the sun goes down so pack layers and plenty of extra clean, dry blankets. Being cold makes for a poor night’s sleep and grumpy campers.

Bells on tent zips are a great way for you to hear whose coming and going and alert you to anyone leaving when they shouldn’t be.

Packing the right food

Packing right food outside 

One of the greatest joys of camping for many is creating yummy meals to enjoy as a family. Here are a few tips and things to consider when getting your camping meals prepped.

Plan what you’re going to eat before you go, don’t leave it until you find the nearest supermarket to your campsite.

Hot meals are a priority before bed, as you want little stomachs to be warm and content to ease them into sleep.

The camping stove market is huge, search online for advice before you purchase.

Carbon Monoxide should always be in the back of your mind.

Buy a cool- box for sandwiches, fruit and snacks if you’re camping in the summer.

We’ve got a few family friendly recipes for under £5 for a little inspiration.

At the end of the day, no one knows your children like you do. If there are extras you think you may need to take- pack them. Being over prepared is better than the alternative. No matter what the weather, come rain or shine,

you’re going to have a fantastic camping holiday, making memories to keep for years to come.

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