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The Best Lighting Sources For Camping


There’s a certain magic to the night when we’re camping. We’re able to stars that most of us can’t view from our backyards and even familiar objects have a different feel in the dark. And while we may relish our time away from

being immersed in lit rooms, we still need to see to find our way around camp or the trail. Fortunately, there are many ways to light the night to not only for it to be safe, but to make it fun to play in the dark.

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When it’s dark and you need enough light in camp to be able to cook, read, or play games with the family, a centrally placed lantern, either sitting on a table or suspended on its own stand, is an excellent way to go. Lanterns have

been around for decades, but the technology has changed dramatically.

The comforting hiss of the gas lantern brings back memories for many campers. Run on a variety of fuels, including liquid fuel (such as white gas or regular gasoline), propane, or butane (with some offer duel fuel burning options so

you can use what is most convenient for you), a gas lantern is hands-down the best way to light a larger space. Its brightness allows you to do practically any task within camp without difficulty.

But there are few downsides to these tried and true camping fixtures. While some people enjoy the sound of the lantern, others find it too noisy. And there are more parts that can be fussy or may fail, including the cloth mantel that

may fall apart when you need them most, which is why you should always carry extras with you. Gas lanterns do operate with combustion so they do give off some heat, and while this is not always a bad thing on a chilly night, you

have to be extra cautious around children so they don’t touch it and burn themselves. Plus, gas lanterns should never be used in a tent or small, enclosed space due to the increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


If you’re not comfortable with gas lanterns, the electric LED versions have made leaps in efficiency over the years. While not quite as bright as their gas counterparts, many of the models do an excellent job of lighting the camp.

When looking for a strong enough LED light, look for lumens rating, which indicates the intensity of the light. If you want something to brighten the inside of the tent, using a light ranging around 100 lumens will do the trick. If you

want to illuminate the entire campsite, look for something closer to 300 lumens.

Solar lanterns are a newer light source, and while they do not provide close to the illumination of either the gas lamp or LED lantern, they are handy to provide a soft light to the tent or camp table. They also are often very portable

with blow-up lanterns that can be crushed down to fit in a pack and blown up like a small balloon to sit on the table. They even float.

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When you need a way to function in the dark without encumbering your hands, headlamps are the best way to go as they fit snugly on your head with elastic straps allowing you to point light where you’re looking. A headlamp

should be standard gear in any pack, whether a daypack or pack for overnight trips, since you never know when plans lead you out past dusk, and they are just as invaluable in camp.


When choosing a headlamp, consider the way you’ll use it. If you are potentially on the trail at night, use something with a rating of over 200 lumens to provide ample illumination. For camp use, like the LED lantern, something

closer to 100 lumens is adequate. Most models have a flood light, while pricier models often offer a spot beam and sometimes a strobe to save power in a pinch, or to single for an emergency.

Also consider picking a headlamp with a red light feature. Our eyes are not affected by red lights as we are with white ones, which is why astronomers use red lights to examine star charts at night, so having a red light allows you to

read without bothering your fellow campers. It’s also handy if you have to slip out of the tent at night for a bathroom run, and you don’t want to awaken the rest of your party. Just click on your red light to find your shoes and head

out the door.

Since headlamps are with you in whatever weather you’re experiencing, if you plan on being a hardcore camper regardless of the weather, you might want to find one that is more water resistant. This isn’t critical for the casual

hiker or camper who can dash to cover in a short amount of time, but if you’re out for the long haul, you want to make sure your headlamp will survive a deluge.

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Like a magic wand, flashlights impart confidence lighting the path to wherever you need to go. Just like all of the other lighting choices, technology has greatly improved your lighting options. Flashlights are smaller, lighter, and

brighter making a good choice easier. For camp, choose a flashlight that isn’t so small you’ll lose it, but one that won’t be terribly cumbersome.

Bulbs in flashlights are practically obsolete with LED technology, so you simply have to choose the right brightness for what you need. A 30 or 40 lumen flashlight, such as what you’d find in a light no longer than the palm of your

hand, is more than enough for book reading or finding items in the tent. Or, you can opt for flashlights with over 3000 lumen ratings that pierce the dark with their bright beam. If you’re worried about Sasquatch lurking in the

shadows, this is the one to have.

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Mosquito Repellent Light

Stop The Mosquitoes!

You’ve planned the greatest camping trip in the history of man,you’ve bought the food, packed the tent and loaded the car,you’ve driven hours with your family (“are we there yet?”),you’ve set up camping in a nice woodsy state

park and you’re ready to have some great fun and bonding time.

Then reality sets in. First you hear a light buzzing in the distance, it’s getting closer. Your brain hasn’t registered the threat yet, you’re too excited to be camping. Suddenly a sharp sting on your forearm causes you to slap

uncontrollably into reality. It’s begun.

Mosquitoes, the “un-official” state bird of Minnesota, can completely ruin a camping trip or even a simple night of trying to enjoy your back yard. Bug spray, with it’s high levels of deet, just makes you feel stinky and sticky and only

helps so much.

Health Problems From Mosquitoes

Not only do mosquitoes create an irritating itchy lump on your skin but they also carry and spread different diseases to humans.

There are many different viruses that mosquitoes can carry. Worldwide, the biggest threats to humans are Malaria and Dengue with over 300 million infected every year and almost 800,000 fatalities.

In Minnesota, our biggest threat from mosquitoes is in the form of the West Nile Virus. The West Nile Virus circulates between birds and mosquitoes (mosquitoes typically feed on birds) and hits a dead end when contracted in a

humans (humans cannot infect each other).

Symptoms of West Nile Virus include:

High Fever




Typically West Nile presents itself in the form of West Nile Fever, which may cause you to miss a week or two of work. In more severe cases (less than 1% of all cases), West Nile can present itself as asencephalitis and meningitis.

This is most commonly found in the elderly, where it can be fatal.

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2017 New Camping Light Product on Canton Fair

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The Best LED Lights For Camping

Maybe you’re the kind of adventure-seeking camper who loves to discover picturesque, remote boondocking spots, far away from the pollution of artificial lights.
Or maybe the luxury resort campground you’ve chosen for the weekend, which comes complete with a rec room, a swimming pool and a weekly ice cream social, just happened to lose its power for a night.
b1s b2s portable camping light
No matter what your camping style or where you’re headed, it’s always a bright idea (get it?) to have some extra light on board. It doesn’t take up much room and you never know when it might come in handy. LED bulbs are especially useful as camping lights since they’re so efficient; if properly taken care of, they’ll last just about forever, and they draw almost no power to get charged up in the first place. And in the majority of cases, you don’t need to worry about plugging anything in at all — you can find many solar-charged and battery operated options when seeking LED lights for camping.
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In fact, there are so many options, it can get a little daunting trying to choose!
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