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Teach you how to improve your sleep

Insomnia is a terrible thing, no one wants to sleep, but in this busy metropolis, insomnia is everywhere harm human health, many people are concerned about the same question: how to improve the quality of sleep? In fact, we all lack common sense of insomnia.


1.Wearing earplugs can reduce ambient noise, but loud and loud sounds, such as alarm clocks or doorbells, can still be heard.

2.Sleep do not eat,people into sleep, part of the body activity slowed down, into a state of rest. If you eat too much before bedtime, the stomach to speed up digestion, full of food stomach will continue to stimulate the brain. Brain excitatory point, people can not sleep safely, as the Chinese medicine said: “stomach discord, lying restless.”
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3.Eye mask sleep mask can block the light, some eye masks also filled with lavender, soothing and calm effect.

4.Do not sleep too high pillow from a physiological point of view, pillows should be 8 to 12 cm. The pillow is too low, easy to cause “fall pillow”, or because the blood that flows into the brain is too much, cause the brain to rise the next day, the eyelid is swollen; the pillow is too high, can affect the respiratory tract unblocked, easy to snore, and the long-term high pillow, easy to cause neck discomfort or hunchback.

5.Avoid coffee or other caffeinated drinks after 3 pm, because caffeine is a stimulant and can keep you awake.

6.Don’t drink three hours before bedtime. While drinking can be drowsy, alcohol can disrupt the rhythm of sleep.


7.To improve the quality of sleep, we need to prepare a low-brightness night light before going to bed, a light environment that can promote people into deep sleep faster, especially children. It is recommended to use mosquito repellent lamps with mosquito repellent function in more areas to improve sleep quality, prevent mosquitoes from spreading diseases, and keep the body in a healthy state during sleep.
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