Farewell to being single! Camping, making friends. You deserve it.

The summer night wind is actually quite cool, all kinds of mosquitoes are more annoying. For friends who enjoy outdoor exploration and camping, a wild adventure or camping full of fantasy often ends in unbearable annoyance.

Now this nightmare is over! Please follow the author and set aside your troubles.

FEIFAN has launched a new JH-Y-C1M LED camping lamp, which can be remotely controlled and turned off by remote control, no longer having to face the cold wild, no more mosquito bites all over the bag! You just need to pull out your controller in a warm sleeping bag and easily control the switch on the camping lamp.mosquito repellent light camping tent (6)

At the same time JH-Y-C1M also built 2000 Ma capacity battery, can charge itself through the USB interface. JH-Y-C1M also built in a set of LED color adjustable brightness, between bright white and repellent light, and the IP65 anti-Rain Water function, is not very powerful? As long as you have it is not instant your package will lose a circle! Yes. There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s just so cute.

You might think this lamp can’t be called a camping lamp, simple remote control and other features you will feel too simple. But in the eyes of the small book, such as in the field of lamps has been in the leading position. For a friend who pays attention to the atmosphere, it is really a must to say good-bye to single ah!