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Backcountry Camping, Car Camping and Dispersed Camping: What’s the difference?

If you’re just starting to get into the great-outdoor hobby of camping, you might be getting a little overwhelmed by the gear lists, location options and safety precautions. Don’t let all of the unknowns scare you —

we have all the info you need to tackle those concerns. But what about the different types of camping? You may have heard people talking about backcountry camping, car camping and dispersed camping; what’s

the difference? And which type of camping is best for you? I’ll cover the three most common types of camping here.

What is backcountry camping?

Anytime you spend the day hiking and then spend at least one night in the wilderness far away from a road or any kind of development, you’re backcountry camping. Backcountry camping requires carrying all of

your camping gear, food, water and safety gear in your backpack. It also entails setting up camp either at a designated backcountry camping site or in an area where backcountry camping is allowed.

Backcountry camping is a great choice for people who have the proper gear and have a good understanding of wilderness safety and navigation. If you’re prepping for a backcountry camping trip, check out some of

these helpful articles:

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What is car camping?

When someone refers to the type of camping they do as “car camping,” they mean that they load up their car with all of the gear they need for at least one night of camping and drive to the campsite where they will

be staying. Car camping does not mean that you’re sleeping in a car, just that you carry all of your gear in the car. Car camping gear is heavier, bulkier, and typically less expensive than backpacking and

backcountry camping gear. Car camping is generally done in campgrounds, as well.

The affordable gear and easy access to campgrounds makes car camping a great choice for campers who are just starting out. Take a look at these articles about camping to prep for your car camping trip:

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What is dispersed camping?

Dispersed camping is kind of the “in-between” option; it strikes a nice balance between backcountry camping and car camping. Dispersed camping is camping that’s located outside of designated campgrounds and

away from any kind of amenities. National Forests are the most common areas where dispersed camping is allowed (as long as there is no sign saying otherwise). Dispersed camping is a great way to “get away from

it all” without having to backpack in or splurge on ultralight backcountry gear; and it’s free, too! If you have a 4WD vehicle, you can use forest service roads to find previously-used dispersed camping sites. Usually,

you can drive right up to where you’ll be setting up camp.

Choose dispersed camping if you aren’t ready to jump into backcountry camping, but want to get away from the people and amenities of a designated campground. Here are some great articles to check out before

your next dispersed camping trip:

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Whether you’ve decided on a specific type of camping you think is best for you, or want to try them all, we’ve got tons of information to help you on your camping adventures. Check out our camping guide to get


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