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6 Tips for Stand-Up Paddle Board Fishing

Paddle board fishing is a quite new experience for many. It is different from the conventional fishing techniques that are popular. With a paddle board, you can go to some shallow places that you can’t go to in a boat. This article

provides tips that will help if you decide to go paddle board fishing.

1. Get the Right Kind of Paddle Board

Before you go paddle board fishing, you should make sure that you select the right kind of paddle board. There are paddle boards that are specifically designed for fishing with fishing boxes installed in front of them. The fishing

boxes can hold a paddle and fishing gears. These boxes can also be used to store your catch, and they come with pole holders.

2. Keep Things Light

In paddle board fishing, you are using your own energy to push yourself around; although, some paddle boards come with engines. The heavier the paddle board, the more the stress on the engine or your body. You should only go

with the fishing gear that you need.

3. Keep Things Simple

You should keep your lure and casting technique simple. Your lure should be small and easy to cast. There is no advantage in trying advanced casting techniques on a paddle board.

4. Consider the Wind

No matter where you decide to fish, you should always think about the wind and use it to your advantage. Try to find areas where you can use the wind to float your back. The wind will definitely blow you around on a paddle board.

We think it is wise that you use the wind to your advantage. If you fight against the wind, it will give you problems and stress you out.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Wade

We understand that it is exciting to fish from a paddle board. But if you are in a spot that provides you the opportunity to wade, do that. You have a better chance at catching more fish if you wade. You can jump off your board, tie it

to your waist and wade for a while. When you choose to leave that spot, you can then hop back on your board and move to another area.

6. Try Not to Change Lures

It is much more difficult to change fishing lures and other equipment on a paddle board than a boat. The paddle board is less stable and there isn’t as much space as a regular board. So, you should use the same lure for as long as