LED Bulb buying guide

LED bulb light industry was born shortly, so for now, LED bulb light product quality is very different , on the market a lot of fake inferior products, given that everyone knows little about LED bulb light, so when the choose and buy the LED bulb light is easy to buy inferior products, products not only have no this type LED bulb light should have performance advantages, even than traditional lamps and lanterns.Here said the LED bulb light should pay attention to when buying those

First,Look at the brightness, LED brightness is one of the factors determining price.

Second, the bulb lamp of antistati cability, the stronger the general antistatic, the service life of the LED bulb light will be longer, so that the quality of the product will be higher.General LED lamps and lanterns of antistatic than a minimum of 700 v.

Third, see color, the color, the more pure, so the higher the quality of the product, what do you think?The more general color purity, its wavelength and color will be synchronized.

Fourth, LED bulb light, the lamps and lanterns to see if there is excessive leakage phenomenon, what is a leakage, no reverse current inside is LED bulbs, only unidirectional currents.Generally leakage if too large, then use life will be big discount purchase.

Fifth, special lighting products, light Angle, and purpose is different, so the price also is different, generally speaking, there are special features of lamps and lanterns is higher prices.

Sixth, see the droop of lamps and lanterns, light failure is judge the quality of LED bulb light keyword parameters, general droop is less, then the life of the lamps and lanterns will grow more, the price will be higher.

Seventh, see the light bulb chips, the lamps and lanterns of good chip production price is better, and both in price and quality difference is very big, the United States and Japan in general is more expensive.

Eighth, the chip size, the higher quality of the chip.

Due to the LED bulb light was born near products, so there is no standard test.But usually by safety certification of product quality is very guaranteed, and design more reliable.

how protect led jhaled

How to protect LED circuit?

1.Protect the using fuse in the circuit

The fuse is not suitable for LED lights because it’s disposable, and the reaction is slow, the effect is poor and also difficult to use. Jhaled LED lamp is now mainly using in the city light project and color lighting, It has very strict requirements on the LED protection circuit: as soon as the using current is beyond the normal the circuit can be cut off immediately to protect the LEDs and power supply, It also can automatically resume normal power supply and does not affect the work of LED when the light is fixed. The circuit can not be too complex and the volume can not be too large, the cost requires low, so it is difficult to use the fuse to achieve.

2.Using transient voltage suppressor diode (TVS)

Transient voltage suppressor diode is a kind of high efficiency protection device.

When it’s poles by the reverse transient high energy shock, with 10 minus 12 seconds short time speed, high resistance between the poles themselves immediately reduced to low resistance, absorption up to several kilowatts of power surge, the voltage clamp between two poles at a predetermined voltage value, a effective protection in the circuit of precision components.Transient voltage suppression diode with fast response time, transient power, low leakage current, breakdown voltage deviation consistency, clamp voltage is easy to control, no damage to the limit, small size and other advantages.But it is not easy to find the TVS device to meet the requirement of voltage value in practical application.LED light bead damage is mainly due to the current overheating caused by the internal chip chip.TVS can only detect over voltage can not detect over current.To select the appropriate voltage protection point is difficult to grasp, this device can not be produced it is difficult to use in practice.

3.Use self recovery fuse

Self recovery fuse is also known as the polymer positive temperature thermistor PTC, which is composed of polymer and conductive particles.After special processing, conductive particles form chains in the polymer conductive pathway.When the normal operating current is passed (or the component is in the normal ambient temperature), the PTC self recovery fuse is in a low resistance state;When the circuit has abnormal current through (or ambient temperature), high current (or ambient temperature) heat generated by the rapid expansion of the polymer, it cuts off a conductive path of conductive particles, PTC self recovery fuse in a high impedance state;When the over current in the circuit (over temperature) disappears, the polymer cools, the volume is restored to normal, in which the conductive particles re constitute the conductive path, and the PTC self recovery fuse is in the initial state of low resistance.In the normal working state of self recovery heating insurance tube is very small, abnormal working conditions in the heat of its high resistance is large, it is limited by its current, which play a protective effect.

In the specific circuit, you can choose:

1). Shunt protection.General LED lamp is divided into a lot of series connected to the branch, we can in each branch of the front plus a PTC component to protect.The advantage of this method is high accuracy and good reliability.

2). Overall protection. Add a PTC component in front of all the light beads to protect the entire light.The benefits of this approach are simple and not accounted for by volume.For civilian products, the results of this protection in practical use is still satisfactory.



led outdoor camping light

Outdoor camping product features and price sales relationship

Now let’s look at tent. A bedroom tent consumption main body existence, occupied 98% of total sales of the tent, of which can contain 2 to 4 small tent is the most popular of National People’s Congress. That closely match with the market characteristics of consumer groups. Camp according to the Chinese market industry analyses report data, attend camping out in the crowd, in addition to the group multi-worlds and become the main body of camping outside people occupy 50%, family parents and lovers accounted for 20% and 20% respectively. For outdoor sports population, the bedroom of a tent, most valuable practicality is the strongest.

For camping lamps, lighting is the most critical role. General camping lamps only hold illumination function, in order to improve people’s outdoor activities experience, lamps are endowed with a lot of other functions, such as waterproof, prevent fall, explosion-proof, solar energy, mobile phone charging, etc. These will also increase the cost of lamps, leading to large difference among camping lamp’s price. Different people have different needs, people who often go camping&hiking would like to choose better quality and function of outdoor equipment, but the price will be relatively higher.

led corn light

The Advantages of LED Corn Light

There are several benefits of the LED corn lights. Most importantly, there are long lasting and extremely energy efficient. Filaments that are used in lights, which burn out very easily, are not used in these lights, thus increasing their life span to a long period of time.

There are no toxic chemicals involved in these lights, thus making them safe and healthy for the surroundings. The costs of maintenance for these lights are also low. There are no costs of the transformers as well. The heat produced by these lights is less than the traditional lighting on the streets.

These lights are highly suitable for replacing those street lights that are too expensive to fit, use and maintain.

Since the energy efficiency of these lights is high, and because they are long lasting, the carbon emissions from these lights is also very less, which is beneficial for the environment as a whole.


led outdoor camping light

The Development of Led Camping Light

When you think of camping lights, you’re probably imagining some kind of gas-powered Coleman monstrosity your dad used to fire up on weekends. But this is 2016, and lanterns are battery-powered, charge your phone when needed, and will even power up when you get near to help you find your tent in the darkness.

Shenzhen JIUHE Lighting Electronic Co.,Ltd, a manufacture in China, specializing in Led Camping Light for more than 10 years. We have branched out into a range of lights, solar panels, led camping lights.Its latest idea is to full fill more function into camping light.

Lamps with USB port to recharge cellphone isn’t anything new, what we want to do is to solve out all problems we will meet when we use the camping light. So, we are on the way to make our light more convenient and useful. Our ideas for the light now as below:

We will make the light last for a longer time by using a more capacity battery

  1. We will make the light to be use more widely
  2. We will make the light with more function on one light, now the light has function of powerbank, radio, mosquito repelling, waterproof, SoS, magnet, solar power, remote control, we are develop some product with body sensitive, Infrared Ray, color changing etc.

Shenzhen JIUHE Lighting Electronic Co., Ltd, a manufacture with experience manufacturing these kinds of products, so this isn’t a scam, and it might even stick to the production schedule.

Best wishes to our plan and hope our camping light provide more convenient to others.


jhaled led corn light

The analysis of the causes of damage inside LED

White light LED belongs to voltage sensitive device, 20 mA current is the limit in the practical work, but due to a variety of reasons in the use caused the increase of current, if we do not take protective measures, this increased current exceeds a certain amount of time and amplitude will easy to cause the damage of the LED.

The cause of the LED damage mainly include:

(1) the suddenly raise of the power supply voltage.

(2) a component, circuit printing lines or other short circuit of the wire in a circuit forms the rare short of the LED power supply path, making increasing voltage of this circuit part.

(3) One of the LEDs forms a short circuit because of it’s quality not so good and cause damage, its voltage drop is passed on to other LEDs, especially in LED corn light.

(4) The temperature inside the lamps is too high, making the LED goes bad easily.

(5) Water get inside the lamp, water is conductive.

(6) Anti-static work is not done well when assembly, so that the inside part of the LED has been hurt by the electrostatic. Although the normal voltage and current value is applied, it is also easy to cause the damage to the LED.

led outdoor camping light

Earthquake Hit Japan! What else do you need when the earthquake come?

As reported that Japan was hit by the 7.4 strong shock on the early morning of 22th, November. It causes a tsunami along with the earthquake near the Fukushima Daiich. Luckily, Fukushima Daiich did not work unusually.

As we all know the disaster that the earthquake may bring to us. Raining, collapsing; cold, hungry, what’s worse, power may be cut-off, no light, no power to charge your phone which may cause missing the best chance to ask for help. Is there any innovative products that could help you out? The Answer is positive. You have to keep one for our emergency waterproof rechargeable led camping lantern. You may be amazed for its super long standby hours up to 77 hours for the portable lantern. You can charge your phone for emergency without missing any phone call, just as a power bank. Interestingly, it is not only a power bank, but also a lantern which can light up the dark. What a clever lantern it is!

You won’t want to miss such an amazing products, right?

led outdoor camping light

The Latest News you have to know if you are exporting to India

India hit news: The India Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the high denomination notes are banning from the midnight of the 8th, November. 500 Indian Rupee and 1000 Indian Rupee currency are not allowed to flow in the market, just as the “waste paper”.

Shocked from the Modi, Indian acted fiercely, rushing to banks that makes the banks crowded, pile of people waiting to exchange the money. Everything was struck and stand still these days.

On account of this, Import & Export business are, to a great degree, affected. To the LED lighting, you have to Have the BIS certificate if you are exporting the complete products to India, such as led bulb, corn light, panel light, and camping lantern and etc. in earlier July. Now only led housing, led parts are more likely to be purchased for India buyers.

Many Buyers are still waiting and hope for the economy to turn better.

led outdoor camping light

There won’t be street lamps follow us all the time when outside.

Climate group CEO Mark Kenber said, with the development of global cities, street lamp is expected to reach 350 million pieces in 2025. Under the big background of energy conservation and emissions reduction, LED street lamp has a great potential for development.

At the same time, more and more people pursue the outdoor leisure, such as camping, hiking, adventuring, fishing and so on. However, during these good moments at night, there won’t be street lamps follow us all the time. Thus, we need to take some portable lights for lighting and safety, such as camping light, flash light, emergency light. Street lamps can’t be everywhere outside the door. If a lamp in hands, we can go to more places to do more what we want. You will know how exciting it is to feel brightness in darkness when we are outdoor.

led outdoor camping light

How to choose the right outdoor camping gear

Going on a camping is an ideal thing to have fun, if you are planning of camping, there are some things that you need to think about before hitting your camping trip. These are choices that can make or break the trip itself. The right type of camping gear can make the entire event more relaxing and inviting. However, you need to know what type of gear you should bring. This article will highlight some tips on how to choose the right outdoor camping gear that you should bring with every camping trip that you will take.

Some of the most popular choice for camping gear that campers may bring include:

Tents,backpacks,air mattresses, sleeping bags,cots,emergency supplies or kits.led camping light

There are some essential things that can improve the overall safety of those who will be with you. These are emergency camping gears that are necessary for every camping trip. A couple of the most important items include camping light (Which is not only a light, flashlight,but also can act as power-bank). What’s more, make sure to bring enough fuel that you could also use for the cook stove that you are going to use for cooking food.led outdoor camping light